If you’ve ever seen Megan Brown’s content on Twitter, you’ll see that she’s fully engaged with what’s happening in the world. She’s made a name by being well versed in the sports world and it’s a joy reading her creative tweets.  Oh, and did I mention she loves dogs, especially her own little pup Alexa.

I’m not sure how I found Ms. Brown on Twitter, but I’m happy I did.  Each and every day is an adventure when seeing what great content Ms. Brown posts, either on Twitter or Instagram. 

Below is my interview with Megan Brown.

Steve Rudden: What was your ultimate dream job when you were first starting out at Indiana University?

Megan Brown: Not sure – I was excited to embark on a new adventure… I majored in journalism, so I probably thought I was going to be a sports reporter.

SR: I really need to ask, but what’s with the popsicles on your website

MB: http://www.thatgirlmegan.com? I love popsicles!! As does my dog 🙂

SR: You definitely know your sports, but the only teams I know you really root for are the Brewers and Devils, what other teams do you follow or do you just love sports in general that you can watch any team play? Sorry for the long question.

MB: I love sports in general but I do have my teams – Milwaukee Brewers, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Devils, Indiana Hoosiers, Duke Blue Devils, Arsenal, Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Federer. But I’ll watch almost anything…

SR: Do you see yourself as being an advocate for social media?

MB: Social media provides a platform for people to connect and find their community, share and grow ideas, start movements, entertain & interact. However, there are also a few downsides – people spewing hate, hiding behind phones/keyboards. I work in social, so although I try to take the good with the bad, I’d love for us to do more as a community to eradicate the hate both on and offline.

SR: How many times have your tweets gone viral? Do you happen to know which tweet it was or is it the one that’s pinned to your twitter account now?

MB: Not sure how many times. The pinned tweet is a big one. I’ve had a few others as well – I don’t really plan it, it’s great to see that people laugh at the same things I do 🙂

SR: Do you ever see yourself vlogging one day since you have a large Twitter following?

MB: I’m looking to start a podcast in 2018!

SR: Did you get verified on twitter based on your viral tweets or for the articles you’ve written that you’ve listed on your website?

MB: You’d have to ask Twitter regarding verification. That’s something they decide internally.

SR: What advice would you give other writers/twitter users if they are working to get verified on twitter?

MB: Don’t worry about verification or audience size – just be yourself, find your community (or communities!) and have fun!

If you don’t follow Megan on Twitter and Instagram, you are missing out.  Her passion for social media, sports, and animals is inspiring.

Even though I haven’t met Ms. Brown, I consider her to be a great person.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet her and I’m excited to hear her Podcast when she debuts it.  I wonder what it’s going to be called?

If you want to follow Megan Brown, add her on Twitter @thatgirlondeck and @thatgirlmegan 

You can also follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/thatgirlmegan/

Megan Brown also has a website if you want to check out as well at http://www.thatgirlmegan.com.